Our Story

I adored my grandparents. MawMaw and Gdaddy were incredible people. They brought over 50 children into their home to help foster. She had an amazing green finger and could bring life out of a stick she replanted and he was as avid gardener with corn, beans, berries, and many more. I adored helping them with these chores, just to be with them. They were married 62 years. They will be forever missed, however I’m happy I can serve and love on other seniors today, like they were my own grandparents.
They really taught me what demanding work looks like. One of my favorite pieces of advice my Gdaddy shared was; be nice to everyone, CEO to the janitor. He also encouraged me not to cry over spilt milk and never give up.
My Mom and Uncle both worked full time hours, so it was very difficult for them to get off to take them to their doctor appointments etc. I saw this reoccurring cycle repeatedly. My Mom and Uncle loved them both very much, however they didn’t have the time off they needed to care for my Grandparents. Unfortunately, with Gdaddy’s diagnosis with lung cancer and MawMaw’s diagnosis of Alzheimer and Dementia it was just getting worse.

I’ve always wanted to have my own business. I have been working since I was 12, and typically held several jobs at one time. One thing we were taught is hard work is the only way. I’ve been in sales and marketing for the past 18 years and always adored working around seniors for the past 8 years. I also worked at several senior communities including skilled nursing, memory care, assisted living, independent living options, hospital discharge planners, and social workers. I saw the need for senior transportation time after time in all these settings.

So we started praying about an opportunity and then we birthed the idea of Transport 4 Seniors, LLC. I wanted to provide peace of mind to the adult daughters and sons that cared deeply for their aging parents, however dealing with their own demands of life. I wanted to brighten senior’s days by being a positive influence, after we serve them through transportation. I wanted to provide an avenue, to boost morale, by encouraging seniors to get out of their home or community, which will encourage a higher quality of life. So, I hope we can have an opportunity to serve you or your Senior with Transport4 Seniors today!

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