Our Services

  • Routine Transportation

    Do you or your senior need transportation to and from medical appointments and more? Providing Peace of Mind and a Brighter Day while transporting our seniors where they need to go. We are honored to pick you up at your home, be by your side for your medical appointments, errands, shopping, salon, etc., and escort you home once we are finished. After the visit, we will give you and or family a detailed report of our visit, like they were there.

  • Procedure/Surgery

    Do you have a procedure or surgery scheduled and need a way to get there and have someone accompany you before, during, and after? We enjoy providing peace of mind and brighter days while senior is having a procedure or surgery. We can stay with them before, during, and after procedure/surgery. If an overnight or late night is required, the Senior will need to decide to have a caretaker with them, since we are not medical. I know several people that own care companies and I’m happy to suggest these.

  • Making Appointments

    Has your doctor has ordered physical therapy or other reoccurring appointments, and need help setting those up? We can help scheduling your appointments based on your availability. Let us know if you are interested and we can share affordable pricing with you.

We are happy to accompany you before, during, and after procedure of surgery. However, we DO NOT stay overnight or past 6:00pm after surgery, Procedure, or routine transportation or provide any medical services. Just remember we are NOT MEDICAL staff and medical tasks are not within our scope of services. However, we are delighted to accompany you and assist with things that are within our scope of services.

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